Vehicle Lifts

A vehicle lift can provide the independence you need to go where you want, when you want to!

  • Hoist Scooter Lifts – Hoist-style scooter lifts has an arm with straps that attach to the scooter or chair to raise and lower it. These motorized devices come in various designs to accommodate different weight capacities and the type of vehicle, whether it’s a truck or van.

  • Platform Scooter Lift – The platform style scooter lift uses a platform to raise and lower the unoccupied scooter or wheelchair. Simply drive your scooter or wheelchair onto the platform while it sets on the ground. With the push of a button, an arm secures the scooter or wheelchair and raises the platform off the ground.

  • Exterior Scooter Lift – External lifts are designed to mount onto the rear towing hitch of your vehicle.