Helping You Get Around Your House More Easily

Accessible housing is vital for the independence of people with disabilities and the elderly. At UDS, we have the experience, expertise and sensitivity to provide modifications to make your home safer, more accessible, and better suited to your needs. We have the practical solutions that improve your quality of life at the lowest possible cost.

Our modification experts evaluate your needs, provide smart solutions, and supervise every aspect of modification. We provide all the consulting, design, construction services, and products you need to make your home more accessible and convenient, from handicap ramps and door/hallway widening, to accessible kitchens and bathrooms, bedroom and bathroom additions, automatic door openers, low-pile carpet/smooth flooring, easy-access closets, easily operated windows, lighting, emergency exits, wheelchair height mailboxes, doorbells, outlets and controls.

Every area of you home can be outfitted to ensure easy access and convenience.
Locally, our construction experts can help you with:

Accessible Bathrooms

We offer roll-under sinks, walk-in tubs with bath seats, bathtub lifts, handicapped-accessible showers with seats, barrier-free shower doors, shower screens, hand-held shower controls, hand grips, grab bars, safety rails, wall-mounted sinks, non-slip surfaces, transfer benches, easy-transfer toilets, wheelchair turnaround areas and easy-access storage.

Accessible Bedrooms

We can help you with built-in beds and cabinets, bedside controls, direct bathroom access, wheelchair-convenient storage, easy-access closets and reinforced ceilings for lifting equipment.

Accessible Workplaces

We design and contract for modifications to offices, churches, schools, libraries, museums, and community centers that allow easier access and greater usability.

Find Financial Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance to pay for needed home modifications, our staff will help you explore your options and eligibility for low-interest loans or government-funded programs. Contact us at 888-428-0240.

Services for Individuals and Contractors

Individual Needs Assessment
UDS will help you determine which livability needs can be met through home access modifications, assistive technology, and low-cost standardized solutions.

Home Evaluation
We can help determine the need for disability home modifications, including identifying possible zoning, code, condition and maintenance issues that could affect the design and installation process, so there are no surprises partway through the project.

Access Modification Feasibility Assessment
We can evaluate the appropriateness of specific products and modifications, obtain cost estimates, and determine the effect on the home’s resale value.

Construction and Installation
UDS can supervise the entire construction process, including the competitive bidding process, contracting, insurance, job quality, and even the timeliness and courtesy of the crew.

For More Information

Contact UDS Accessible Home Modifications at 1-888-428-0240 for more information or to request a no obligation assessment and home evaluation. You can also email us at The UDS Home Modifications eStore also contains useful information, resources and advice.

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